Mourinho Please Stop Crying Like a B….

José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix or Jose Mourinho in simple words or the special one in more cheeky tone. One of the all-time great coach without a doubt.

He is the reason behind putting Chelsea, Porto in the map of world football.  I knew Chelsea once he started coaching the club. When English football was all about Ferguson,Wenger and Benitez, then stepped a Special One who not just introduced a different style of football but also gave an identity to a club, that went to become one of the most successful English club later.

All said and done Jose Mourinho is one of the best coach a Chelsea legend and a tactical genius. All the past done and gone, and the golden pages has been written well but what about now Today.

Jose Mourinho was appointed the Coach of Manchester United in 2016, the Manchester United. In 2016 he spent 185m finished 6th but won Europa and got the European football back to Old Trafford. Was a successful season, not actually but it wasn’t a disaster because he realized quite early the only trophy he can win it all is Europa and he delivered that one.

2017/18 this season has lot of hopes and excitement for Manu fans and Jose himself. He spent 164m with new striker and strengthened the midfield and defense. Normally everyone say Jose delivers more in his Second season as in history. His rivalry with Pep the coach for rival City team made the whole scenario much interesting. There was lot of excitement for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho.

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So after playing 30+ league games, March 2018 today, let’s look back at the season and count what has he delivered. The result is 0. All in all, this season has been bad and worst according to the standard of Manchester United and the money the spent and with the squad they have. Losing to Bristol City and sitting 16 points behind the leaders Manchester City. The difference is similar to Ligue 1 which is hardly regarded a top-level league.

People will argue, he is still second in league and made it to semifinals of FA cup. Does that stat make his success, Now the biggest and most successful club in England will be satisfied with an FA cup and 16 points behind the League Winner? That is what success Manu fans will relate to after spending almost $400m for 2 seasons that is what you expect.

After falling behind City so much in the league the platform where Man united was supposed to shine was Champions League. And they get knocked out by Sevilla, who sits 5th in La Liga and was having their worst season in couple of years until they met United. Real Betis, Eibar, Spartak Moscow put 5 past Sevilla in their meetings don’t even mention Madrid and Atletico. Manu not only lose tot Sevilla, they were completely outplayed  by Sevilla in both league. If it was not De Gea heroics they would have easily conceded 4-5.  It was a shame and painful to watch even if you hate Manu. There was no game at all, looked like 11 bodies floating around in Man united shirt.  And when you are the coach of that team what will you do, well Special One does something unexpected, he calls a press conference and reminds football heritage and explains it to everyone. It was laughable and shameful to hear Jose ranting like that. Why can’t you just come out accept your defeat, gather your confidence regroup and work again together. It is not a shame to accept and say we were terrible and take the responsibility and move on. How hard is it to accept that was not your day and you ran out of everything. That’s what will make you the winner you have become in your past and cement your legacy with Golden color.

Jose stop crying like a bitch and start working your but off. With the qualities of players and money, you have spent you have no right to make any excuses or any complain.

Don’t be an asshole at the end.

Get up Get back up!!!



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