Chelsea vs Spurs Top 4 fight continues

Chelsea host the London rival at Stamford bridge from the second meet of EPL 2018 at April fool’s day. Having been knocked out from champions league and way behind the league leader City, finishing the higher in top 4 will be the priority for both team.

Chelsea had strings of bad performance in the second half of the season. Losing to bottom half teams like Crystal Palace, West Ham, Bournemouth just made things worse for them. Whereas spurs did not have a great season but in couple of months they are getting the form back. Though they are not flying high, they are doing enough to snatch win in individual games.

Chelsea is 5 points behind the 4th place being spurs sitting in that spot. For Chelsea this game determines more or less whether they will be competing in Champions League next year.  Antonio Conte looks like he had made his mind up to leave next year, want to at least finish in top 4 and leave on a high note. For spurs they still have lot to prove to announce themselves as the top team, having not won a silverware since 91, they still want to be among the top European teams again next year and continue the fight.

The last game played between these two in Wembley( Spurs home) went in favor of Chelsea with Marcos Alonso being the hero of the game. Chelsea won 2-1 against spurs thanks to brilliance of Alonso.

Lot of things have happened since then as they both are ready for the next matchup. Both have their ride in the UCL and they both book a spot in the semifinals of FA Cup. However Spurs did fair better than Chelsea they 5 points difference than Chelsea says it a lot in the table.

Chelsea have lost 3 of their 5 games whereas Spurs have lost only 1 game that being in UCL from Juventus. You have to go back to 2017 to see a lost game for Spurs, they have been that good in 2018 so far. Chelsea looked very unsettled and clueless and Conte is still trying to figure out the best playing 11 with the best possible formation. Spurs compared to Chelsea looks very settled and firm.

So who is going to Win?

Though Spurs are riding a good form, they are out without their top scorer the talisman Harry Kane.  Harry Kane who was tipped to be the top scorer in EPL is sidelined with injury and Pochetino has to do it all without him.  They were impressive even without Harry Kane against Swansea in the FA CUP tie but hey this is not Swansea. Erikson hitting top form at the right time and son continues his blaze in EPL. Son has already scored 12 goals this season, that is higher than Morata and Hazard from Chelsea. Spurs have lost only one game against the top 3 teams being since January , they beat United, Arsenal and drew with Liverpool. Whereas in second meetups, Chelsea lost to Man United ,City  and drew with Arsenal in EPL a. This will be their second last meeting with the top 4 teams having one left with Liverpool in May 5.

In recent games Chelsea is showing some fire, they beat Leicester marginally to head to FA CUP semifinals. Their performance against Barcelona was great though the score line tells you something else. Willian has been performing really well he continued his form to international break. Morata did score after a long forgettable gap. I am hoping Conte will play more aggressive against Spurs compared to his formation against City which was one of the worst game, I have seen in long time.  Being this game is do or die for him to make to the top 4, he will really try to bring the best of the team.

My Verdict is Chelsea for a win.

Though Spurs are having a good running of form they hit a roadblock here. Being without Harry Kane they will miss the killer number 9 and seeing their record in Stamford bridge they have. The last time Spurs won a game in Stamford bridge was in February 10, 1990 when Gary Lineker used to lead the Spurs roster.  For Chelsea this is their last chance to salvage the disastrous season they have after being crowned the champion of England a year ago.  Morata did have that burn in the chest being left out from the international roster.  Willian need to continue his form and convince Tite to be in the playing 11 of the wonderful brazil. For Conte he would prefer a warm farewell rather than being thrown out with lot of scars. So the voodoo of Spurs in Stamford bridge and lot of desperation in Chelsea squad for the world cup place will reflect a better performance and they will do enough to secure a win.


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