Can Chelsea Upset Barcelona!!!

Of Course Why not.

When wigan can win against Manchester City, Girona can beat Real Madrid then it is not absurd to think Chelsea can win against Barcelona in camp nou.

From April 2000 to March 2018 Chelsea has played against Barcelona 13 times. The second league on March 14 at Camp nou will be the 14th encounter between these two. Among all these matches Chelsea has won 4 times whereas Barcelona been victorious only 3 times.

Chelsea have knocked out Barcelona 3 times from Champions league whereas Barcelona have knocked Chelsea 3 times as well.  The most recent match-up between these two in 2012 where Chelsea knocked out Barcelona and win the whole thing. Can Chelsea repeat its 2012 triumph again in Camp Nou.

Looking at the current firm of both the teams you really have to be crazy to think that Chelsea have any chance, and i totally agree with that. TO find the  last time this Barcelona team has lost in UCL game  by a goal difference in Camp Nou, you have to do a lot of digging.

It was 1 May 2013 when Barcelona lost against Bayern then Champion and since then they have never lost a UCL game at home, though they have been knocked out without losing at camp nou several times.

So Chelsea have to come against all the odds to write a new history in their books as well as in Barcelona’s.

So far the game is all for to play special for Chelsea because they lost a chance to go clean sheet and handed Barcelona an away goal advantage in the first league.  Chelsea did play good contrary to lot of analysts in the first league.  Looking at their recent debacle in Premier League, i don’t think have any expectation from this Chelsea team, not to be down with 3 or 4 goal against Barcelona. Lot of people criticize for Conte for his strategy but i guess he did pretty well.  Conte was still trying to find some chance against a team who had lost only 1 game throughout the whole season. They even beat the European Rulers in their home and are standing rock solid defensively as well.  Conte has to leave his strikers and start Hazard the most influential player of the team in false 9.

Though it didn’t work for Hazard that much but it did work for Willian, who has found some exceptional firm recently. Chelsea were very unlucky to not get more than 1 goal in the first league. Barcelona was saved by the wood 2 times which is insane and it does tells that there is a chance to get inside the Barcelona defense.  Conte had his plan to start defensively play very compact and don’t give Messi any space around the D area. Try to run in the counter and strike. Every one knows Barcelona loves to play in high line and when they do that their might be a open channel 1 or 2 times throughout the game and if you can take advantage of that you are all set.  I do give Conte credit for that strategy but you know what his strategy did backfired at the end. Chelsea end up handing an important away goal to Barcelona.

Chelsea is still a top team going through some bad phase, the problem between conte and management reflects well in the performance of the players. Morata somehow forgot to touch the ball. Hazard isn’t that consistent. Moses and Alonso can’t run up and down and their crosses are not as effective as they used to be last season. They have to rely on the very young kid Christiansen in the defense, and surprisingly he is doing pretty good as a whole but he is still too young in these kind of matches.  The creativity in the midfield has gone missing from long long time. Fabregas isn’t the same player anymore and when Kante doesn’t have another partner like him in the pitch it is really hard for Fabregas to run up and down.  Players like Azpilicueta, Kante and Rudiger are very few names who are still left with the shine  they alone can’t get the ship across the river.

Whereas Barcelona though they don’t look that convincing but they have been pretty decent in getting things done. Messi, Suarez, Alba, Busquets, Roberto, Umtiti all of them are in top form. But ultimately it will always come up to Messi. So if you can neutralize Messi then half the Barcelona is pretty much done.

I hope not too see any controversy goals or penalty or any red cards. It’s very easy to judge from the screen but the law for Penalty or Red card is so complicated you will end up pulling your all hair.

So In conclusion i will still give Chelsea some chance to pull this match which will be a upset with all respect to Chelsea and their Fans. Conte should still start with the same formation, keep it tight and try to hit them in counter. If it doesn’t work in the fist half or Chelsea concede goal in the first half then introduce Giroud and Zappacosta. Giroud has a big body and he can very well use his physicality against Umtiti and Gerard and Zappacosta is very fast.

All in all let’s all hope we get to see a very good game.



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