Chelsea has no option other than Win against Leicester.

It hasn’t been more than 10 months when Chelsea dug themselves out from a horrible season and proved everyone why there are the most successful English team in last 10 years.

Things has been all gloomy since then. Start of the season with Conte and Costa Spat, however it ended, it was a loss to Chelsea in all fairness. Arrival of Morata, Bakayoko, Rudiger did make the team stronger than last year. But losing Mattic and Costa created a big hole in the team. Conte did show his frustration of not able to get more quality players but honestly there weren’t any good players who can play in the level of Chelsea day in day out. Conte’s frustration started to spread inside the team and was clearly visible in the game.  First half of the season was going good compared to other teams except Manchester City. They did beat Manu, Spurs and did not lose to Arsenal and Liverpool.

All of sudden Chelsea starting lacking leadership, the passion the never give up attitude. Or you can say they missed Diego Costa, the rough and tough beast who would slay down anything that comes in his way to get his goal.

Not sure what has happened to Morata, he has surprised me big time negatively. Now he acts like a 5-year-old kid and slip or fall, every now and then and start moaning about it. He can’t fight for the ball, can’t run and can’t shoot.  David Luiz was one of the leader in the team since but he had the similar situation like costa as the rumors flying high all around, he has lost the spark he had last year anyway he is injured. Hazard is still finding his consistency and Willian doesn’t fit in the team all the time. God knows what is in Conte’s Mind. Four players who have been saving out the whole seasons are Azpilicueta, Christansen , Kante and Rudiger. Lately Willian has been catching fire also.

Barkley, Drinkwater are good players but they don’t have enough to dig this Chelsea team out from the hole.

Nevertheless, there is still a small light at the end if tunnel. After getting knocked out of the UCL by Barcelona, though Chelsea had a much better game than expected, now Chelsea needs to get their act together and give Conte a happy Farewell.  I personally was surprised with their performance against Barcelona, they were unlucky too. Hitting the wood 4 times was a bit of unlucky. I didn’t expect this Chelsea team to beat Barcelona at all, but they were not bullied by Barcelona in both games. However you need to score to win and they failed to do that, that’s why the score line is not always the actual reflection of the game.

Now, Chelsea should gather their confidence and keep things together and focus on the rest of the season. They have a big mountain to climb ahead, top 4 is still far but reachable and the FA cup same.

For tomorrow, Willian should start with Hazard and Morata at the front. Rudiger, Azpilicueta and Christiansen should take care of the back line.  Then Alonso, Kante, Zappacosta and Fabregas should take care of the midfield.

Chelsea should expect a tough game against Leicester, who has been different team after arrival of Puel, are very fast and clinical with Vardy and Maharez on front.

I am still hoping for Chelsea win. I hope to see Morata back in the score sheet, he must convince lot of people to reserve a spot in the World Cup 2018 roaster. Not being named in the team for the friendlies should have been a huge setback for him. Now is the time he must come out and perform and fight as an adult, stop being a kid.

Get it done lads. Go Blues.





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